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Join over 50,000 Instagrammers using Caption Writer to add spaces & line breaks to their captions, save hashtag groups, explore popular hashtags and so much more.

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Create high-performing content – with spaces & line breaks

Caption Writer speeds up your Instagram content creation while helping you pick the best hashtags to grow your following.

Create and save captions in advance

No more waking up every day to start writing your captions. With Caption Writer, you're able to save your captions in advance and post them when you're ready!

  • Spaces & Line Breaks

    Caption Writer let’s you add blank spaces and line breaks to your Instagram captions, comments and bios.

  • Character & Hashtag Counting

    Instagram limits captions to 2200 characters and 30 hashtags. We'll keep track of where you're at so you always know how much room you have to work with!

Use hashtags like a pro

Hashtags are an extremely important tool when growing your Instagram, and we're here to help make sure you're optimizing your hashtags in each post.

  • Save reusable hashtag groups

    No more spending time looking at previous posts for the hashtags you always use. We'll save them for you so you can add them in one click!

  • Explore curated hashtags

    We've collected & curated hashtags in over 60 different categories for you to search and find the ones that work best for each post. When you're ready, save them for later, or simply add them to your caption!


See what our (amazing) users are saying

With millions of users on Instagram every day, we're lucky to have some of the most amazing people using Caption Writer to create & manage their captions.

bridgeyp, Apr 22, 2020

LOVE caption writer!!

I seriously don’t know what I would do without caption writer, it makes my life so much easier. I used to spend hours figuring out how to add in spaces, how to copy all my hashtags, getting lost in my notes, etc. and now my posts take no time & the app keeps me so organized! Caption writer has literally saved me. Thank you!!!

CNealArtwork, Feb 26, 2020

Works Beautifully!

I normally don’t write reviews, but this one deserves some recognition. Writing clean and well-spaced Instagram captions has always been such a tedious process. Most of the time I’ve had to resort to breaking up my paragraphs using a period in a blank line; something I’ve always hated the look of in the final post. I was recently recommended this app and it works perfectly! Five out of five stars.

lightxtine, Feb 21, 2020

I use this app on a regular

I use this for my business IG and it makes life a lot easier! No more copying and pasting from my notes or having to retype allllllll over. It’s all a click of a button with this app. It also helps cuz it lets you know how many hashtags you can post. Also makes your IG pretty.

airinnajera, Feb 11, 2020

Everything you need

I write pretty deep captions from time to time for my Instagram posts. This app is no BS. It’s all you need to to create great captions with spaces. The PRO feature to prewrite out captions with hashtags is a must-have. Don’t sleep on this.

Johnny163932936292, Jan 2, 2020

Great app

So easy to use. Works great for professional and personal accounts. The pro version is definitely worth it. I love the new hashtag generator!

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Free users will always be able to add spaces and line breaks to their captions

  • Spaces & line breaks

  • Sync & store 1 caption at a time

  • Save & reuse hashtag groups

  • Explore popular hashtags


Increase your productivity and get access to everything Caption Writer has to offer.

  • Spaces & line breaks

  • Sync & store unlimited captions

  • Save & reuse hashtag groups

  • Explore popular hashtags

Frequently asked questions

What is a line break?

Simply put, a line break is the empty space between two lines of text. Line breaks make text easier to read by spacing out larger blocks into smaller paragraphs.

Can I try Caption Writer for free?

Yes! Caption Writer has a free version that will allow you to add spaces to your captions, and it will always be free. You can also try some of the more useful Pro features by starting a free 7-day no-risk trial.

Does the Caption Writer app show pop-up ads?

No, we strive to provide a truly superior experience to our users, and that means not showing them ads while they’re trying to work.

Does Caption Writer let me add spaces to my bio?

Yes, Caption Writer will let you add spaces to your bio or comments, no problem!

Will my captions and hashtag groups be saved if I lose my phone?

Caption Writer pro users are able to create an account and save their data in the cloud or sync captions and hashtags between multiple devices.

Does Caption Writer let me add spaces on apps other than Instagram?

Yes, we are often asked if Caption Writer will work for adding spaces to Facebook, TikTok, etc. and the answer is YES! Caption Writer will let you add spaces and line breaks anywhere, including all of your favorite social media channels.

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